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How much coffee do you go through when you’re putting in a long night – or two or three of them in a row?

Do you resort to something “you shouldn’t be taking” when you’re in the middle of final exams and you’re not even close to being ready?

Maybe those solutions work for you. But how do they make you feel, during and after the ordeal?

It’s time to admit there’s a much better answer. The nootropics you’ve probably heard about – the pills also known as “smart drugs” – will do a much better job of keeping you alert and at your best when things get difficult. And they won’t give you the shakes or a next-day hangover, either.

Waklert is one of the best and strongest “smart drugs” on the market, and here at Afinil we offer the highest-quality Waklert available anywhere. You can buy Waklert online immediately and for a great price, we’ll ship to you it the same day, and you’ll be ready to whiz through your next deadline project without breaking a sweat.

What Is Waklert, and What Does It Do?

Waklert is the best-selling brand of the nootropic Armodafinil, which is prescribed for shift workers with weird schedules and patients suffering from serious sleep disorders like narcolepsy. It helps them stay awake and deal with life, instead of falling asleep with no warning. The FDA approved it back in the late 20th century.

But Waklert has another interesting property that was discovered after patients started taking it to physically stay awake. The pill also “wakes up the brain.”

Most who take Waklert find that their cognitive functions are vastly improved: more concentration and focus, greater vigilance and alertness, smarter decision-making and better productivity. Some have described the effects of Waklert and other nootropics as “caffeine on steroids” – in other words, stronger and much more effective than downing cup after cup of coffee.

It’s a better alternative than coffee (or amphetamines) for another reason. Waklert is a eugeroic rather than a stimulant, so it only works its magic on the brain without having any major effect on the rest of your body. Your heart won’t race and your blood pressure won’t soar the way it does when you pound coffee or take other stimulants. You won’t feel any after-effects and there are no serious side effects. And it’s not addictive, either.

To debunk a common misconception, no smart drug (including Waklert) actually makes you “smarter.” If you can’t do math, a nootropic isn’t going to help you out. But it makes an enormous difference in what experts call “executive function,” the ability to organize, plan, make decisions and stay on track without distractions. It can also help you remember things and absorb information, particularly when dealing with complex tasks.

Three other benefits are commonly experienced by users as well: more energy, better mood and weight loss. Those have to do with the substances that are produced in the brain after taking a dose of Waklert. Nootropics aren’t considered primary solutions for people who are suffering from lethargy, depression or obesity – but those are pretty good “add-ons” to the cognitive benefits of Waklert.

Is Waklert the Same as Modafinil?

Smart drugs come in several forms. One that’s often mentioned is Modafinil, also called Modalert, Modvigil or Provigil depending on the company that manufactures the pill. Modafinil does a great job, but Waklert is a bit different.

Here’s the short explanation. Modafinil has two components, one short-lasting and one long-lasting. Its effects kick in fairly quickly because of the short-duration component, but taper off after a while.

Waklert and other forms of Armodafinil only contain the long-duration component – but a lot more of it than you’ll find in Modafinil. As a result, it takes a little longer for Waklert to take effect. Once it does, however, the benefits last longer, feel stronger, and can seem a bit smoother than the up-and-down performance of Modafinil. Some people believe Waklert gives them twice the focus and alertness they experience when taking Modafinil, but results are different for each individual.

Which is “better?” It’s based on personal preference, so why not try both? You can buy Waklert and Modafinil at Afinil’s low prices, and test them out for yourself.

What’s the Right Dose of Waklert?

The recommended daily dose of Waklert is 150 mg, which is one pill per day. Most users stick with that dose and say there’s really no benefit to taking more, although a few believe they get maximum effect from two pills (or 300 mg) per day. There have been no cases of “overdoses” reported, but there’s no reason to go over 300 mg.

The one issue to be aware of is the possibility of your body becoming accustomed to daily doses of Waklert and building up a tolerance for it. The best approach is either to use the nootropic whenever you need an extra boost of focus or brain power, or to take occasional vacations from the pill if you plan to take it regularly.

How to Buy Waklert

First, the bad news. You can’t get Waklert – or any other nootropic – at a drug store or over the counter. Actually, that’s overstating things just a bit; you can, ifyou have a prescription for it. Unfortunately, doctors won’t give you one unless you have one of the serious sleep disorders we’ve mentioned.

Now the good news. It’s easy to buy Waklert online, and you’re already halfway there. Afinil is one of the world’s leaders in the field, offering the highest-quality Waklert available anywhere. Some providers have poor quality nootropics or substitute counterfeit pills for the real thing.

Our extensive customer base trusts us to provide the very best, authentic Waklert because we obtain it directly from the manufacturer, Sun Pharmaceuticals. And after we get it, we test it for quality and potency before we’ll offer it for sale.

We dispatch orders on a same-day basis from our American facilities, so there’s no long wait while your pills make their way through a supply chain or get held up at Customs. We provide free shipping and free package tracking for all purchases. And our knowledgeable support team – every one of them a real Waklert user qualified to answer any question or concern you might have – is available 24/7/365. Whenever you need us, we’re here with the information you may not be able to find anywhere else.

Except on our comprehensive website blog, of course, which has the answers to many common questions about Waklert and other nootropics. Please feel free to visit anytime; we welcome your visits and inquiries, and of course we welcome your orders whenever you’re ready to buy Waklert from Afinil at our always-low prices.