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Several smart drugs have been called the “hot new choice” over the last few years. The first nootropic declared safe and effective by multiple researchers at institutions like Harvard and Oxford, though, was Modafinil. It’s still the gold standard.

It’s also the most expensive. That’s why so many of our customers buy Modvigil instead. Modvigil is the same smart drug as Modafinil, but it’s a generic – so it costs a whole lot less while providing the same brain-boosting power.

From college students facing a week of final exams, to high-powered businessmen and women dealing with an important project and an impending deadline, Modvigil provides the focus and alertness needed to get work done efficiently and effectively.

How Can Modvigil Do What It Does?

It’s all a matter of brain chemistry. Modvigil, and other nootropic smart drugs, are designed to activate neurons in the brain which trigger production of important compounds and hormones.

In reality, the purpose was never to help people work smarter and with more focus. Nootropics were originally created – and are still prescribed – to help people suffering from serious sleep disorders like narcolepsy. They adjust the sleep/wake cycle in the brain, and the FDA approved them for that purpose in 1998.

A funny thing happened next. It was discovered that nootropics have a major, positive effect on “executive function,” which is the term used to describe the mental skills people use to handle complicated tasks. Planning, organization, time management, impulse control and working memory all fall into that category, and all are accomplished more effectively by the effects produced by Modvigil and other nootropics. That’s how they got the name “smart drugs.”

Combine improved executive function with the added wakefulness and alertness that the pills were originally designed to provide, and what do you get? A nearly-perfect tool for anyone who needs to optimize their performance while focusing on tasks for long periods of time. It was inevitable that use of nootropics would soar, even if they have to be used “off-label” because they’re still only prescribed for sleep disorders.

Many people rely on coffee, or even amphetamines, for the same focus and energy that nootropics provide. There’s a big difference, though, because these pills are in the category known as eugeroics, not stimulants. They only work their magic on the brain, not the entire body.

That’s why Modvigil doesn’t give you the shakes or raise your heartbeat, the way that coffee does as you drink cup after cup while trying to stay awake and work. You realize the same benefits (in fact, more of them) without the negative effects. And many users find there are additional benefits. Some of the substances produced in the brain lower your appetite, so you might lose weight. Many users also feel a major boost in mood when they’re taking Modvigil or other smart drugs.

A Closer Look at Modvigil

We’ve mentioned several times that there are other smart drugs on the market (and yes, you can buy Modvigil and all the rest of them here at Afinil). Why would someone specifically choose Modvigil?

First of all, it’s the same formulation as the very popular and very expensive Modafinil, but it costs about 50% less. That’s because it’s a generic made by the highly-regarded manufacturer HAB Pharmaceuticals, rather than the original name-brand product. If you’re on any medications, you probably use generics because of their low cost. It’s the same story for Modvigil – paying less for high-quality generics is just a smart thing to do. There are other branded and generic alternatives to Modafinil on the market like Provigil and Modalert, but Modvigil is the best bargain.

Second, Modvigil (and Modafinil) start working much faster than “competitors” in the other major family of smart drugs on the market, Armodafinil and similar branded/generic products. The reason is simple: Modvigil has two nootropic components, one short-lasting and one long-lasting. The shorter-duration nootropic starts working in just an hour, and lasts until the long-duration nootropic takes over. Armodafinil, on the other hand, takes about two hours to kick in because it only contains the longer-lasting component.

That should give you a good idea of whether you’d prefer Modvigil/Modafinil or Armodafinil. When it comes to the question of Modvigil vs. Modafinil, though, every user is different so there’s no “right answer.” Some people think one is stronger and delivers a smoother experience, while some feel exactly the same way about the other product. The only way to know which works best for you is to try each. One thing that’s certain, however: lots of people buy Modvigil because of its very attractive price.

Modvigil comes in 100mg pills, which is the right daily level for new users. Once your body becomes accustomed to the effects, 200mg (two pills) is the normal daily dose and usually provides the best peak effects. Taking two pills isn’t hazardous and some regular users feel that’s the right level for them, but that’s the absolute maximum and shouldn’t be necessary for most.

There’s nothing wrong with using Modvigil every day, as long as you take regular “vacations” from the pill. That will prevent your body from building up such a tolerance that the pill’s effects are lessened. A large percentage of nootropic users prefer to take the pills only when needed.

Reasons to Buy Modvigil Online From Afinil

You may feel most comfortable buying nootropics from your local pharmacy. Unfortunately, you don’t have that option; the only people who can buy Modvigil at a drugstore are those who have a prescription that’s been given them for a severe sleep problem like narcolepsy.

That means you have to buy Modvigil online – but you shouldn’t be concerned, as long as you deal with a reputable source like Afinil.

We’re different than the sometimes-sketchy sites that may pop up in online ads or search engine results but have no history, no reputation and no experience with nootropics. They may not even be selling authentic Modvigil.

Afinil is the leader in the field, and we take careful steps to protect both our reputation and our customers. We source our product directly from HAB Pharmaceuticals and test every batch we receive for potency and quality. We ship same-day from our American facilities (and pick up the shipping cost) to get your Modvigil to you as quickly as possible.

And we provide round-the-clock support from a staff of experienced Modvigil users. Day or night, you can speak with someone who has the legitimate background and knowledge to help you choose the right product for your needs, and can answer any questions you might have about dosages or effects. The educational blog on our site can help in that area as well.

When you’ve decided to buy Modvigil online, the people you can count on are right here at Afinil. We look forward to serving you.