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If you saw the movie “Limitless,” you’ll remember that Bradley Cooper’s character was able to overcome writer’s block, master the stock market and even clean his apartment perfectly – as soon as he took a nootropic pill known in the film as NZT-48.

The movie was based on a novel, but the “smart drug” was based on real life. Nootropics really are widely used by writers, stockbrokers, college students and everyone in between. Anyone who needs better focus and brain function can benefit from the alertness and concentration produced by smart drugs.

NZT-48 doesn’t exist in real life, but Modalert does. It’s the best-selling generic version of the most popular nootropic ever.

And you can buy Modalert online directly from Afinil, the web’s pre-eminent source of nootropics.

The Miracle of Modalert

Modalert is a generic form of Modafinil. If you’ve read or seen anything about real-life smart drugs you may have heard of Modafinil, or its branded version which is sold as Provigil.

They’re all the same nootropic, and they deliver miraculous results.

Modalert is what is known as a eugeroic, or wakefulness-promoting agent. The drug has been approved by the FDA, and prescribed for several decades to treat people who suffer from very specific sleep problems like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and “shift work sleep disorder.” It’s literally a life-saver for those patients.

But Modalert also provides important cognitive benefits, confirmed by many research studies, for millions of others who take it off-label.

The umbrella term for what this nootropic does is “cognitive enhancement.” That covers lots of benefits including greater alertness, more focus, better memory and improved ability to solve complicated problems. Modalert even boost users’ mood in many cases.

This isn’t a pill from science fiction or fantasy; you can’t learn differential calculus, mechanical drawing or German by taking a smart drug. Modalert simply works to increase the production of important compounds and hormones in the brain, so you can maximize your abilities to get things done, and won’t get worn out or develop “brain fog.”

Doctors describe the mental skills maximized by nootropics like Modalert with the phrase “executive function.” That covers areas like organization, decision-making, planning and self-regulation. In simpler terms, you are able to perform complex tasks better and more efficiently without fatigue setting in.

It may sound like a pot of black coffee (or a few amphetamines) would do the same thing. That’s not the case at all.

Unlike caffeine or pharmaceutical stimulants, Modalert has no major effect on the rest of your body. You won’t get the shakes or jitters, your heart won’t race and your blood pressure won’t rise. Modalert only works inside your brain, targeting the receptors that are responsible for executive function without disturbing anything else. It’s a truly remarkable – and very smart – pill.

There are a couple of other effects that many Modalert patients experience. Many users find that their mood is improved, and that they lose weight. Those aren’t necessarily the primary reasons to take nootropics, but they’re welcome side benefits for most users.

Why Modalert Is So Effective

The brain is a mysterious organ. Experts understand many things about the way it works, but the science behind some of its functions still remains elusive. That’s the case with Modalert; researchers can see the cognitive benefits of Modalert, but have to speculate about some of the “why.”

Theoretically, nootropics activate neurons which boost the levels of several hormones and compounds that improve brain function. Dopamine is known to act like a stimulant, increasing communication and activity in the brain while also satisfying its “reward” receptors to provide motivation (and lessening desire for food as a “reward,” leading to that weight loss we mentioned). Norepinephrine stimulates attention and wakefulness, as does histamine. Serotonin helps elevate mood, GABA increases vigilance and glutamate has a positive effect on memory.

Many of these compounds and hormones are also produced by caffeine or other stimulants, but Modalert and other nootropics are more effective. And Modalert doesn’t create the unwelcome side effects associated with drinking lots of coffee or taking amphetamines. That’s one more reason to call it a “smart” drug.

Modalert Dosages

Modalert is sold in 200 mg pills, which is considered the normal daily dosage for an average-sized adult. However, tolerance can vary from user to user, particularly with size and weight. The best approach is to start with half-a-pill and increase from there as desired, never taking more than two pills per day. The effects kick in after about an hour, and last for approximately six hours.

There’s no real danger in taking it every day, but that could mean building up a tolerance that requires more and more to achieve the same effect. It’s best to either use Modalert only when you need it, or to take “time off” between periods of usage.

You Have to Buy Modalert Online

Unless your doctor has given you a prescription for Modalert to treat a sleep disorder, a pharmacy won’t sell it to you. You must buy Modalert online – but Afinil makes the process simple and easy.

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